What is Red Diamond Card? ... Some say it's the next BIG thing!

1 Card + 1 App + Daily Deals + Charity = Awesome!

   Imagine how great it would be if there was one program that can provide you with exclusive access to everyday savings at hundreds of local businesses PLUS daily deals, all without having to print or clip any coupons. Now imagine if that same program gave up to 50% of every membership they sell to a local school or charity... Welcome to the Red Diamond Card movement!

The Triple Win- Great for consumers, businesses, and the community! 

    Our unique and revolutionary program not only enables consumers to replace a whole collection of loyalty cards and apps with one simple fundraising program, but it's great for local businesses too! It's also no secret that shopping locally is great for your whole community as successful local businesses help create thriving local economies, which is exactly why we feel its so important to encourage and reward consumers for doing so.


How it Works... (It's really simple)

Step 1

Become a Member

Step 2

Visit our website or download our app to find local deals.

Step 3

Follow Red Diamond on social media for even more great offers!

Step 4

Show your card & enjoy the savings! And repeat!


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